Validian - About

Validian is the next generation of Intrusion Prevention Against Cyber Attacks that fully secures existing and/or new mobile, non-mobile and web applications on, and the storage, access and transfer of digital information and data on or between, mobile and/or non-mobile devices over wired, wireless and mobile networks for peer-to-peer, client-server and server-to-server transmissions.

Validian has invested over $40 million in developing and completing its underlying technology. There are no other technologies or solutions, including Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Transport Layer Security (TLS), Intrusion Detection, Intrusion Prevention or Threat Prevention, that do what Validian does the way that Validian does it.

Validian uniquely provides:

  • Next Generation of Intrusion Prevention Platform that PREVENTS, not just detects, hacking and unauthorized access of critical applications and of sensitive Digital Information, including impersonation, spoofing, phishing, SQL injections, Man-In-The-Middle and Man-In-The-Browser attacks. Validian has the only technology that PREVENTS more than 90% of the cyber attacks in the world today because more than 90% of these cyber attacks are targeted at the application.

  • Next Generation of Policy Management, the Validian Information Policy Management Platform which enables IT managers to provide and to reconfigure dynamically policies governing communication of data, including changing encryption algorithms, keys, key life time and level of compression, and to distribute these automatically, immediately and transparently to all end points without having to re-develop or re-install the software. No other technology or solution can do this - Mobile Device Managers cannot dynamically change policies. Furthermore, SSL is stuck with the "PICK ONE" syndrome of coding only one algorithm and symmetrical key, which takes several months and significant cost to change even once. Current Validian policies apply Authentication, Encryption, Key Management and Variable Compression, but other policies, such as Permissions & Access Control, Information Redaction and Billing can be added.

  • encryption of the data inside the sending application followed by secure transfer of that data in a virtual tunnel from inside the sending application to inside the receiving application where it is decrypted, so that the data cannot be stolen before the encryption process or after the decryption process. All other technologies use industry standard "end-to-end" encryption, including SSL, PKI, PGP and VPN's, where data can be stolen just before "end-to-end" encryption encrypts the data or just after it decrypts the data.

  • encryption & decryption using "dynamically changing" instead of "stored" symmetrical keys to encrypt data or Digital Information of any size, type and format, including: sensitive Government, business and personal information; confidential medical records; texting; pictures; and music, videos and movies. U nlike SSL, PKI and VPN's, with Validian the keys cannot be stolen to decrypt stolen encrypted data .

  • Variable compression and encryption of the same data at the same time inside the sending application. SSL cannot compress and encrypt the same data rather only compress or encrypt.

  • Secure peer-to-peer communications as well as client/server and server-to-server. SSL cannot secure peer-to-peer.

  • Rapid, Consistently High Quality Development of Secure Applications, wherein Validian's technology can be integrated into an existing or new application by any developer, without any security expertise or experience, in an average of a few days, whereas SSL requires a developer with security expertise and can take from 4 to 24 months per application.

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