Validian Appoints American Capital Ventures for IR Services

OTTAWA, September 9, 2013 - Validian Corp. (OTCQB: VLDI), the first-to-market with the next generation of cyber security technology for the management and protection of digital information, data and assets, today announced that the Company has engaged American Capital Ventures (ACV), a boutique provider of comprehensive investor relations, financial marketing and capital advisory services to the micro- and small-cap community.

Bruce Benn, Chief Executive Officer and President of Validian Corp, commented, “Utilizing Validian’s first-to-market “top down” cyber security technology in conjunction with complementary “bottom up” technology, developers can ensure the safe transfer and end-to-end authenticity, integrity and custody of its customers' high value digital assets over wired, wireless and mobile networks and devices. More importantly, mobile application developers can safely secure any mobile or web application, including social media applications like Twitter and Facebook, in only a few days to less than a few weeks and without any security expertise - a timeframe previously unheard of when compared to the average of 6 to 24 months necessitating the use of security experts as required by other approaches .”

Mr. Benn continued, “Given that cyber security and privacy are the two major technological issues in today's global markets, the value of our technology is immense. Our revenue potential is staggering. Growth will be seen once we launch our technology during 2013 into the hands of the 250,000 independent mobile application developers for free and begin accruing millions of revenue generating end-points expected to commence during Q1 and Q2 of 2014. Engaging American Capital Ventures for investor relations services is an integral component of Validian's growth strategy as they will be instrumental in better communicating our growth trajectory and value in the mobile and cyber security sector, increasing our market visibility and diversifying our shareholder base,” he concluded.

Howard Gostfrand, President of American Capital Ventures, commented, “Given the global size and scope of losses resulting from cyber attacks and the immediate and desperate need for a solution, it is our belief that Validian’s technology has the power to literally and virtually revolutionize the mobile app industry, providing safe transfer and secure access of Digital Information. What makes Validian's technology particularly exciting is that it is essential to enable the projected $200 Billion annual market for secure mobile applications and it also has the ability to quickly gain end-points in the realm of hundreds of millions. We look forward to collaborating with Bruce to more clearly convey and promote this unique opportunity to the public and to the investment community.”


About Validian Corporation

Validian Corporation (OTCQB:VLDI) is first-to-market with next generation cyber security technology that provides secure access, transfer and storage of digital information on wired, wireless and mobile networks over the Internet. Validian technology enables the next generation of secure Cloud Computing, Cloud Storage, Distributed Computing and Web Application and Web Portal Access and Usage for desktop & laptop computers, servers, tablets and SmartPhones.

The Company provides solutions that can be customized to the client's business process to ensure end-to-end authenticity, integrity and custody of high value digital assets. Validian is a U.S. public company with offices in the U.S. and Canada. Visit for more information on its digital asset solutions.


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Bruce Benn, CEO and President


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Howard Gostfrand