Expert Opines On Cyber Security Industry & Novel Approach of Validian

On December 4, 2017, renowned cyber security expert, Rafael Gorgal, commented to a third party inquiry on the cyber security industry and welcomed the novel approach and technology of Validian.*

"The Validian software we've tested successfully integrates several sub specific protocols that normally don't work well together into a very innovative platform, that works, and works well. The particular approach and more importantly, the base assumptions the Validian development team undertook in this case were certainly different. It's nice to be able to think different every once in a while.

There's definitely a place for Validian's software in any solid security posture, because it streamlines a lot of functions and actually does away with arcane architecture and systems that are in use today.

As a whole, the cyber security industry and cyber security as a philosophical discipline are broken into two categories, network and host based. You focus on securing and scanning through either the individual systems, or all of them as a whole network, for example, by implementing network based or host based intrusion detection, or putting anti virus or encryption on the network email gateway or on the individual systems, etc.

If you look at the industry and products as a whole, they don't change much. If you go to a security conference and expo anywhere in the world, every vendor is pretty much selling the exact same core style of product. There's very little new innovation that actually comes through.

Validian, however, is definitely innovative."


Rafael Gorgal
G-C Partners, LLC
*an edited excerpt with approval of the author, Rafael Gorgal