Validian Protect

It's the lifeblood of your organization. The confidential, private and/or personal information about or of your customers, your consumers and your prospects, about your plans and strategies, and about your results. It's your job to keep it confidential. Do you believe it to be properly protected? Are your safeguards delivering enough bang for your buck? Are they sufficiently flexible and reflective of your corporate security and privacy policies? Are you able to manage and change your information and security policies dynamically and rapidly?

There is an alternative.

Validian Protect is a unique software solution for rapidly building, deploying and controlling information and security policies within mobile and non-mobile applications. Transparent to end-users and easy-to-use for all developers, Validian Protect is security middleware that binds application peers, security services and communications policy into a coherent information protection solution. It represents a new approach to streamlining and securing the communications between your applications.

With an easy-to-use Software Developer's Kit (SDK), Validian Protect enables mainstream developers to embed communication and security controls directly into your mobile and non-mobile applications, lowering overall development costs and ensuring safe applications are created faster and with greater confidence. Furthermore, once your applications are deployed, Validian Protect enables IT managers to control critical information and crypto policies by dynamically providing and configuring related policies - such as authentication level, encryption algorithm, key strength and compression factor - through simple, centralized policy changes, which are automatically distributed to all application endpoints without any re-developing or re-installing.