Validian Unveils the First Secure Application Advertising Channel for Mobile and Cloud

OTTAWA, March 23, 2016 - Validian Corp. (OTCQB: VLDI), a leading innovator in cyber security technology, is pleased to announce that it has completed development of its first-to-market secure application advertising channel for the transport and delivery of graphic rich advertising content through mobile, cloud, web, local and network applications to end users. This secure application advertising channel prevents certain types of cyber attacks that exploit advertising as a means of access or infection, and ensures the advertising being deployed is immune to advertising blockers, thereby enhancing the overall delivery and quality of advertising impressions to end users. Channel Partners and customers now have the option to use this Secure Application Advertising Channel when integrating Validian's core technology, ValidianProtect, into their applications.

The completion of this channel is timely, given the ongoing growth and recent paradigm shifts in the mobile and Cloud sectors, where:

    • Annual Mobile Ad Revenue is projected to grow from $32 billion in 2014 and $35.5 billion in 2015 to over $100 billion in 2016, and to over $195 billion by 2019.
    • Over 90% of mobile usage is now inside the mobile app not just the mobile browser.
    • So now over 75% of Mobile Ads are inside the mobile app not on the mobile browser.
    • Cloud now comprises 81% of mobile data traffic because many mobile apps for SME's and consumers are now hosted on the Cloud for cost savings and increased scalability.
    • The projected increase of 2.6 billion smartphone end users in 2015 to 6.1 billion by 2019 is driving growth in mobile & Cloud.

Furthermore, a recent study published by the Atlantic Council and the Zurich Insurance group estimates that cyber attacks could cost up to $90 trillion by 2030 if cyber security fails to advance at a rapid pace. In response to this, growth in the cyber security spend is projected to increase from $81.4 billion in 2016 to $170 billion per year by 2020, comprised mainly of 50% for Cloud and 18% for mobile per the Cyber Security Market Report for 2016-2021.


Bruce Benn, Chief Executive Officer of Validian, commented, "We have spent the past 2 years completing the migration our core technology to mobile and Cloud applications and platforms due to the massive market and revenue opportunities in these sectors, driven significantly by mobile and Cloud advertising. Our new Secure Application Advertising Channel is critical and timely for solving significant cyber security and performance issues that affect advertising, the vast majority of which very recently has shifted to inside mobile and Cloud applications instead of primarily on the browser. At the request of some of our Channel Partners and customers, this  feature  recently has been embedded into their Validian-enabled applications, and are now in the process of being released. We look forward to seeing its reception among these initial deployments, and to expanding this cyber security protection to our other Channel Partners and customers that are vulnerable to this type of attack."


About Validian Corporation (OTCQB VLDI)

Validian's radically innovative, first-to-market, software-only technology is integrated rapidly and easily as a middleware and provides, manages and governs secure access of applications, services, servers, databases, and endpoints. Rapid integration into mobile, cloud, web, local and network applications ensures and manages secure access, storage, transfer, usage and sharing of sensitive critical data - where the value is.

Validian enables the next generation of secure Mobile Messaging, Communications and Advertising; Cloud Communications, Computing, Platforms and Storage; Distributed Applications and Computing; and Web Application and WebPortal Access and Usage.

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