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OTTAWA, November 07, 2017 -Validian Corp. (OTCQB: VLDI), a leading innovator in cybersecurity technology, is pleased to confirm that some of the large corporations currently in discussions with Validian regarding strategic partnership agreements are interested in using Validian's technology to secure and enhance automotive connectivity and communications, including vehicle to vehicle communications.

The risks of cyber attacks are a major issue for modern vehicles that are increasingly dependent upon computerized components, which can be improperly accessed thereby exposing those vehicles to a variety of risks, for example, enabling hackers to take control of a vehicle in motion. Tesla suffered a public relations nightmare when experts showed a Tesla driverless car could be hacked and forced to crash. But the risk of hacking is just as great for vehicles with drivers.

The number of cyber risks for vehicles is now increasing as automotive connectivity is being extended to include vehicle to vehicle communications. The automotive industry currently has no solution to stop these cyber breaches and attacks for manned or driverless cars.  Therefore, as expected, a growing number of automotive manufacturers and related companies worldwide are seeking solutions that can be initiated as soon as possible, including but not limited to Baidu, Tencent, SoftBank, Google, Ford, Renault, Tesla  and Uber, all of which have recently made large investments in automotive connectivity.

The cyber exposures threatening the automotive computer systems, components and communications, and the data therein, are essentially the same as those confronting large enterprises.  However, the cybersecurity measures currently being used to address these cyber exposures have all failed to prevent recent global and targeted cyber attacks against large enterprises.   

Furthermore, given the large number of competitors making significant investments in automotive connectivity, time to market is becoming increasingly important for each of them.  It would take 18 to 24 months, or longer, to integrate traditional cybersecurity into automotive connectivity, with the likelihood that these security measures will fare no better in protecting automotive computer components and communications against targeted attacks than these same measures did against the recent global and targeted cyber attacks. Conversely, ValidianProtect can be integrated within a few weeks to provide protection that can fully secure and enhance automotive connectivity and communications, including vehicle to vehicle communications.

"The fact that cybersecurity has yet to be integrated into automotive connectivity means that Validian is not competing in this sector against cybersecurity measures that have already been implemented," commented Bruce Benn, Validian's CEO. "This, and the fact that ValidianProtect can be integrated in a fraction of the time and at a significantly lower cost than these other cybersecurity measures, make ValidianProtect an ideal solution for these large corporations who have already committed significant investment to automotive connectivity."

About Validian Corporation
Validian Corporation (OTCQB VLDI) is a leading innovator in cybersecurity technology that
encompasses and seamlessly protects applications and the complete life cycle of data within its virtual closed systems, providing secure access, retrieval, transfer, receipt, storage and usage of digital information on all devices, operating systems and technology platforms regardless of any type of known or unknown cyberattack or vulnerability or if the host device or network has been hacked or improperly accessed, infected with viruses or malware, or otherwise compromised. Validian technology enables the next generation of secure Mobile Messaging and Communications, Cloud Computing, Cloud Storage, Distributed Computing and Web Application and WebPortal Access and Usage, Software Defined Networking, the Internet of Things and SCADA, for computers, servers, data bases, intelligent sensors, tablets and SmartPhones on wired, wireless and mobile networks.
The Company provides solutions that can be customized to the client's business process to ensure end-to-end authenticity, integrity and custody of high value digital assets. Validian is a U.S. public company with offices in the U.S. and Canada. for more information on its digital asset solutions.

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Bruce Benn, CEO and President

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