OEM Customer Successfully Demonstrates Validian-enabled Mobile Communications App

Initial rollout to end-users to continue through Q4 2015 onwards with global launch scheduled for Q2 2016


OTTAWA, November 17, 2015 - Validian Corp. (OTCQB: VLDI), a leading innovator in cyber-security technology, today is pleased to announce that its OEM customer and their channel partner, who has a worldwide reputation in the field and already has developed two mobile messaging applications that have been rolled out to more than 300 million end users, completed the development of the Beta of their Validian-enabled mobile communications application which has been successfully demonstrated to a number of its Channel Partners and prospective customers.

Validian’s OEM Customer has deployed the Beta to an initial number of end users during this month and have a growing list of customer orders and prospects in their sales pipeline. Roll out will continue through this quarter onwards with a global launch scheduled for Q2 2016.

Discussions are now underway with a number of large enterprises to become channel partners to the business sector and to the consumer sector; and regarding direct licensing to businesses on an OEM and private label basis.

Bruce Benn, Chief Executive Officer of Validian, commented, “The Beta of this Validian-enabled mobile communications application has innovative, first-to-market features for the protection of data and privacy. As such, it is also now being used by a number of Validian's other channel partners as a demonstration to their customers of the features and capabilities of Validian's technology. This, in turn, is resulting in new orders for Validian-enabling other applications to obtain similar features and capabilities."

Mr. Benn continued, "Over the past few months, Validian has achieved significant technological milestones that will turn into revenue generating milestones. We have not only completed the migration of our core technology to mobile platforms, which has been successfully tested by a number of our channel partners and customers, but also we have effectively completed the independent review of our source code essential to rolling out Validian-enabled mobile applications to large enterprises and are seeing our efforts pay off. We are very encouraged by  the success of this Beta launch and rollout and look forward to continuing on this trajectory moving forward for the benefit of our customers, channel partners, employees and shareholders."

About Validian Corporation

Validian Corporation (OTCQB VLDI) is a leading innovator in cyber security technology that provides secure access, retrieval, transfer, receipt and storage of digital information on mobile and non-mobile applications, devices, servers, data bases and memory both at rest and in transit using wired, wireless and mobile networks. Validian technology enables the next generation of secure Mobile Messaging and Communications, Cloud Computing, Cloud Storage, Distributed Computing and Web Application and WebPortal Access and Usage for desktop & laptop computers, servers, tablets and SmartPhones.

The Company provides solutions that can be customized to the client's business process to ensure end-to-end authenticity, integrity and custody of high value digital assets. Validian is a U.S. public company with offices in the U.S. and Canada. Visit www.Validian.com for more information on its digital asset solutions.

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