Validian-Developing Applications & Solutions

Time to market, quality, and costs of development and operations are critical. This is why Validian spent the time and the R&D effort to create security technology that can be integrated rapidly by any developer saving many man-years of development and integration during application development to create the most secure, seamless protection of applications and of the transport, storage and usage of data in the world today empowered with differentiating features that collectively provide significant competitive advantages:

  • using popular application development environments (VisualStudio, Eclipse, Android Studio, Xcode, etc.)
  • providing a set of programming tools and SDKs that facilitate integration of the ValidianProtect platform and module within the target application, for each of the main mobile, local, web and network application operating systems (O/S's) (i.e. Windows, Android, Mac O/S & iOS, and various types of Linux and Unix O/S's), which comprise the Distributed Enterprise Environments of servers, data bases and desktop and laptop computers as well as Distributed Mobile Environments, Distributed Cloud Environments and Distributed Web Environments
  • providing state-of-the-art cyber security features, including your selection of:  
    • application authentication
    • integrated authentication of applications, end users and devices
    • end-to-end encrypted transport of data
    • encrypted storage
    • information and crypto policy management platform
    • dynamically changing cryptographic keys and encryption algorithms
  • providing a significant number of pre-built, commonly used functions, including your selection of:
    • data transfer
    • file transfer
    • instant messaging
    • large message transfer capability and support
    • variable compression
    • peer-to-peer communications and support
    • enhanced presence features
    • enhanced addressing and roaming
    • disappearing messages, files and data
    • load balancing and scalability
  • providing first-to-market differentiating features, including your selection of:
    • the ability of a sender to control the usage and to prevent the misuse of data by a recipient, including reading, storing, copying, editing, forwarding and exporting the data - or to prevent each, any or all of these
    • the ability of the sender to remotely retract data already sent to a recipient
    • a number of automatic and immediate alerts to the sender for each of the uses and attempted misuses of data by the recipient

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