Validian-Enabled Solutions

The world is getting smaller. Business is moving faster. And the people in your organization are always on and constantly on the move.

As your world becomes more interconnected, particularly with the proliferation of mobile devices and mobile networks, it is now easier than ever to link your people together and to stretch business processes across your customers, suppliers and consumers. But, with more of your assets and the assets of your customers, suppliers and consumers in digital form, you have a lot at risk.

Validian has the answer. With comprehensive solutions for confidentiality, privacy and piracy protection of digital assets on mobile and non-mobile devices and networks, Validian can help you streamline your workflows, safeguard your digital assets, and get control over your security risks.

Whether your business is focused on corporate or government information, next-gen media, electronic health records or sales to or usage by consumers, Validian's application-embedded security middleware enables the rapid development and easy management of mobile and non-mobile Validian-enabled solutions that provide the solid foundation you need for digital asset protection of all parties.