Validian - Technology

Validian's core technology, ValidianProtect, is application and data protection middleware that integrates rapidly into existing or new applications to seal off the application and its information from threats posed by malicious parties. Many different types of applications can be protected or existing applications extended; from legacy client/server applications, to fully distributed business and industrial applications, to more modern web, mobile and Cloud applications, easily and intuitively.

These applications can then be deployed on either a hosted, on-premises or cloud basis with the level of protection controlled dynamically by administrators.

The ValidianProtect product line consists of:

  • the Application & Data Protection Platform that protects against network-borne vulnerabilities such as intrusion, impersonation and interception by creating a series of virtual closed systems called "Realms", which encompass and seamlessly protect the application and the complete life cycle of data with secure access, retrieval, transfer, receipt, storage and usage of digital information on all devices, operating systems and technology platforms regardless of any type of cyber attack or vulnerability or if the host device or network has been hacked or improperly accessed, infected with viruses or malware, or otherwise compromised.
  • the Data Protection Module that protects against host-borne vulnerabilities such as memory-scanning and file system scanning as well as provides a set of ready built common features, such as data transfer, file transfer, instant messaging and large message transfer capability and support, plus a set of first-to-market features for handling data, which provide significant differentiating features and enhanced competitive advantages, including:
    • the ability of a sender to control the usage and to prevent the misuse of data by a recipient, including reading, storing, copying, editing, forwarding and exporting the data - or to prevent each, any or all of these
    • the ability of the sender to remotely retract data already sent to a recipient
    • a number of automatic and immediate alerts to the sender for each of the uses and attempted misuses of data by the recipient
  • a set of programming tools and SDKs that facilitate rapid integration of the platform and module within the target application

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