ValidianProtect seamlessly protects access, use, storage and communication of medical records to enhance the delivery of healthcare. Patients can be confident their personal information will stay secure.


Validian’s core product, ValidianProtect, powers potential in a variety of industries. From securing mobile health apps to better protect an ageing population at home using secure and reliable mobile monitoring technologies, to better protecting banking transactions online, our robust suite of features enable creative problem solving in some of technology’s most challenging areas today.

Validian’s technology is horizontal and applies to all vertical sectors. Validian’s approach is both B2B and B2C through channel partners to leverage one or more of their:

  • base of established customers;
  • growth potential;
  • marketing and sales personnel,
  • resources and budgets;
  • and technical support.
Digital money can be easily secured with ValidianProtect, including online banking, point of sale, and crypto currencies using blockchain.
ValidianProtect stops rogue states and criminal hackers from disrupting critical infrastructure.

Validian is ideal for protecting any and every market sector, and is seeking channel partners for each of the following:

  • Banking, Finance, Secure Payments, Credit Cards & Credit Reporting Agencies
  • Insurance
  • Mobile Communications & Social Media
  • E-Commerce
  • E-Health
  • Major Internet Companies
  • Automotive Connectivity
  • Power Grids & Infrastructure
  • Transportation & Courier
  • Government & Defense

If you have any interest or questions please contact

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