ValidianProtect is packed with features that enable seamless data security on a variety of devices, networks, and applications. Some are built into the core of a powerful confidential computing software. Some, you can select like a Swiss Army Knife of options while you customize your latest build.

Seamless data security

Using virtual closed systems called realms, Validian enables seamless data protection in, and in between each of: in use, in memory, at rest, and in transit. This protection extends to all devices and channels within a Validian realm — and you define what that is.

App authentication

First-to-market application authentication seals apps from threats.

Secure decentralization

Our peer-to-peer security encrypts decentralized data in transit from point-to-point while securing transitions to secure data at rest and when it’s in use, which is a major breakthrough in cyber security.

If you prefer a centralized model, that’s easy too.

Dynamically rotating symmetrical keys

Dynamically rotating symmetrical keys for encrypting and decrypting data in transit make ValidianProtect first-to-market with a new industry shaping feature in data protection.

Neutralize malicious insiders

First-to-market controls on permitted and prohibited uses of data enforced by real time tracking and alerts. Remotely retract and revoke access to neutralize malicious insiders.

Policy management

Our information policy management platform with enhanced access control allows you to change and redeploy policies governing security, crypto, and information policies in seconds.

Extended compression and encryption

We compress first, then encrypt, and do this from within the security of the authenticated sending application. This closes a significant security gap that exists otherwise. We also decrease transmission time while reducing bandwidth costs for files of any type and size.

Speedy integration into existing systems

Rapid integration means lower costs and less time to market. We also decrease the time to market for the development and deployment of new high-quality and feature-rich applications and systems.

Dynamic encryption

Dynamically changing encryption algorithms enable the administrator to set and change the algorithm on the fly, deploying to all endpoints without the need for redevelopment.

Integrated authentication

No matter what you’re developing or deploying, two- and three-factor authentication is at your fingertips — whatever method you choose on whatever device.


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