We take your business seriously with seamless data security.

Seamless data protection

Validian’s technology secures data in use, in memory, in databases, at rest and in transit. It works on all devices, operating systems and technology platforms — and everywhere in between.

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Confidential computing software

Our first-to-market confidential computing software, ValidianProtect, is a powerful, flexible, scaleable and rapidly integrated cyber security middleware.

Advanced security features

Seamlessly securing data in use, in memory and in databases is a major breakthrough in cyber security.

First-to-market application authentication seals apps from threats.

Our peer-to-peer security encrypts decentralized data in transit from point-to-point while securing transitions to secure data at rest and secure data in use.

Dynamically rotating symmetrical keys for encrypting and decrypting data in transit make Validian Protect first-to-market with a new industry shaping feature in data protection.

Dynamically changing encryption algorithms can be set by the administrator and changed any time.

First-to-market controls on permitted and prohibited uses of data enforced by real time tracking and alerts. Remotely retract and revoke access to neutralize malicious insiders.

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Your data matters

Seamless security means protecting the confidentiality and integrity of your data. To us, innovation in cyber security is about rapidly deployable applications within robust, seamless security postures as a replacement for, or enhancement of, ad-hoc solutions.


ValidianProtect software secures sectors like banking, infrastructure, energy, defense, government, information technology, health, legal, and more.

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