Validian Engages in Testing with the Objective of Licensing & Deployment

Provides Update on Development and Commercial Roll Out October 29, 2019 – Validian Corporation (OTC: VLDI; “Validian” or the “Company”), a leading innovator in cyber-security technology, today is pleased to announce that it is engaged in comprehensive testing with several different prospects with the objective to license, install and deploy our technology upon successful testing.Continue reading “Validian Engages in Testing with the Objective of Licensing & Deployment”

Validian launches new site

Validian Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of its latest website, which announces the company’s posture as a leader in confidential computing software. ValidianProtect, the company’s product line, is first-to-market with seamless data protection — a key factor in supporting confidential computing. Confidential computing frames its objectives around three key factors: the confidentiality, integrity,Continue reading “Validian launches new site”